Tackling mask shortages

Engineers For Doctors is gathering resources and building open-source tools and equipment to help Doctors survive and tackle coronavirus.

First up: let's fix the mask shortage problem.


We're uploading documents, instructions and files as we go. If we're missing things, you're welcome to ask and we'll see what we can do.


We'll be posting on Medium and curating a selection of our own and other useful blog articles.


Check the github repository for code related to the project. If you have and questions or contributions, you can also raise an issue to get some help.

The Mask List

A community-edited list of available masks, respirators and filter cartridges

The MaskBox

The MaskBox

We're building a box (and writing usage best practices) to sterilize respirator filter cartridges. We think every doctor should have one.

MaskBox development is on pause waiting for parts! In the meantime we're focussed on developing other helpful resources like the Masks Anatomy videos.