Note: This is a very new project, and is evolving all the time while we bring resources online. Check out our FAQs, as they're the quickest way for us to answer things - you can follow us on twitter too.

Welcome to engineers-for-doctors, or E4D. We heard impassioned cries from doctors that they can't get enough masks, and we're trying to help.

Our Mission

We aim to reduce the mask shortage problem.

How We'll Do It

We propose to:

  • Gather and clarify sound scientific knowledge about risks and best practices re. masks and their reuse (some mask reuse guides are super dodgy - we won't give them airtime by linking here).

  • Educate doctors about masks and alternatives such as respirators (and all the associated weird fittings).

  • Enable safe reuse by build a steriliser unit (the ‘MaskBox’) and/or developing procedures for sterilisation (reflecting best practices above).

  • Provide additional community led resources around finding masks for sale.