Note: This is a very new project, and is evolving all the time while we bring resources online. Check out our FAQs, as they're the quickest way for us to answer things - you can follow us on twitter too.


  • It’s difficult to get the right masks to protect doctors and their patients form Coronavirus during examinations.

  • Surgeries and hospitals cannot fulfil legal duty of care to employees without them

  • Doctors are understandably frightened to treat patients without adequate equipment

  • Most of them want to anyway, because they’re heroes, so...

  • More Doctors and Healthcare Workers than necessary will become infected, leading to...

  • Unnecessary deaths, quicker propagation of CV and more thinly stretched healthcare services.

Our Approach

Priority: Follow your local guidelines

The ideal practice will ALWAYS be to prioritise the guidelines set out by your employer or body responsible for public health. E4D will NEVER recommend otherwise, because:

  • your authority will likely have more up to date information than us
  • your authority will have local information that we don't
  • we might get ill and let the site go out of date

For example, your authority may recommend single-use FFP3-grade masks to be used then disposed immediately as medical waste.


In the absence of guidelines...

...or where guidelines are impossible to follow, you may need to make a call to keep yourself or your employees as safe as possible.

We're trying to build solutions to help in this emergency case.

For example, where stocks of the correct masks simply don’t exist (a common situation now), then until a supply chain can be mounted to produce enough, engineers-for-doctors will continue our mission.