Can you help us? Here's a list of specific things we need...

A job / funding

Tom Clark, our Lead Engineer, needs a job or freelance work in data science, wind energy/cleantech or software development - his CV is here

Tom is working almost full time on Engineers For Doctors having lost contracts in his main work due to coronavirus. He has no source of income and needs a job quickly. If someone wants to sponsor him to continue working full time on E4D then so much the better.


We don’t have much hardware and are building on a shoestring budget

Anyone in Cambridge, UK who can donate Raspberry Pi, Arduino or similar with additional hardware, particularly:

  • boards
  • temperature sensors
  • cases we can sterilise
  • power supplies, LCD or screen readouts

Anything going spare would be gratefully received as we hack together the MaskBox.


We also could do with cast acrylic sheeting in 6mm and 15mm+ sizes and Tensol-70 Adhesive - anyone willing to donate? We bought the first lot, but it's too expensive for us to build more...

Design For Manufacture support

We have a lot of general engineering, harware engineering, Maker/3D printing and Biotechnology experience on the team... but we don’t have much D4M experience and intend to reach out to various bodies to partner with. But, any volunteers gratefully accepted.

Testing facilities and expertise

We're presently a 'garden shed' type outfit. Access to a lab and technicians who can guide us in testing the efficacy of the device in eliminating fragments of the virus would be helpful.

Clinical procedure development expertise

If the MaskBox succeeds, we’ll need to publish a procedure for its safe and sterile use along with it. Whilst our team are familiar and already thinking about such a process, assistance writing the step-by-steps would be helpful.

Legal support

Are we going to get sued? What disclaimers do we need to operate freely here? Are you a lawyer who can help us figure that out?

Note to potential sue-ers: This is a global emergency. Get a grip. Also I have no money. See "job" section above.

Help from the mask manufacturers

If we’re recommending particular sterilization strategies, it helps to know what plastics etc the masks are made of, so we can avoid selecting strategies that denature the masks. Anyone who can make an introduction to relevant staff at major companies like 3M and JSP - please do!