You might have received a box containing packs that look a bit like this:

Packed up visors ready to ship.

Preparation (our end)

The headbands, straps and O-Rings have been cleaned in soap and water, allowed to dry in a well ventilated room (without touching anything else),then packed in new food bags from a sealed pack, all by someone wearing respirator, boil-washed cotton overalls and gloves.

The acetate sheets have been similarly washed and dried, then rolled into paper sheets to prevent sctratching.

Groups of PPE are boxed, bagged then left untouched for >48 hours to allow any remaining virus particles to denature.

They're clearly not medically sterile, but should be acceptably clean.

Unpacking (your end)

Treat the outside bag as contaminated by whoever drops off the PPE, but with the >48 hr quarantine the inside should be OK to handle.


After the cleaning and drying process, we wanted to minimise exposure to an unclean environment, so I'm afraid there's a little self assembly required at your end. Sorry, can't think of a good way around this!

Attach the Visor

Make sure the headband is the right way up (you can tell from the 'PRUSA' lettering):

Align the stud holes in the acetate with the studs on the headband, hook the first one over then pull.

Slide on the chin guard

This helps retain the shape of the visor and keep it enclosing the whole face; although is optional - so if you need to remove it to fit the visor over a respirator, you can.

These are best slid on from the side of the acetate as shown:

Make up the strap

Sorry Petersfield! We received a pallet load of latex-free resistance band from a local climbing wall, but only after packing some visors. Rather than repack and risk contamination, we just added an extra sealed box of resistance band, so you'll have to cut a few straps for yourself - it's easy, the video below show you how.

The strap is made of resistance band so it's comfy, adjustable and cleanable.

The packs contain a strip of resistance band, and several O-rings. Weird? A bit. We made a youtube video to show you how to transform these into a strap:

...Or view natively in youtube here...

Attach the strap

We chose the size of the O-ring so it wedges effectively in the staghorn on the side of the headband. Pull it on and that'll stay secure for wearing continuously if needed:

See how sexy you look!

Just because you're in an onslaught of cases and battling nobly against global pandemic whilst still managing to take care of your own friends and/or family, there's no reason you shouldn't look sexy while doing it.

We used silk pink plastic because it had the quickest shipping on Amazon Prime, but as luck would have it, it looks utterly glorious.

Fittest person in the world. Soon you'll look this amazing too.


You have spare O-rings in case some break, and spare resistance band in the box, sufficient that you can discard rather than cleaning the straps if you wish.


These visors are made of PLA, a thermal plastic with very low melting point! So, do NOT use the heat-based cleaning approaches listed on that page!

We're not hosting a cleaning guide here, in case advice changes and we're unable to respond quickly enough - but tested-with-actual-covid cleaning methods are documented here on the Prusa website


Leave a youtube comment on the video with feedback and questions, or email Constructive feedback and requests welcome!