There are lots of efforts similar to ours out there, many could do with decent websites out of the box, preferably free. This is a guide about how... without coding.

You'll notice we spun up a decent looking website quite quickly. It's got a Content Management System and everything (so all the members can contribute without knowing how to code), and costs us nothing to run, so we thought it'd be good to tell you how we did it.

Alternative: For other folks doing similar projects, you could either join our efforts (raise an issue here) or build your own site.

It'll take you an hour or two to get a site to the same standard as ours.

What to do

  1. Create a github account.
  2. Create a Stackbit account.
  3. Log in to stackbit, and click New Project.
  4. Choose a theme. We chose the 'Libris' theme, because it has built in blog and documentation.
  5. Choose a site generator. It doesn't necessarily matter which, but I recommend choosing Gatsby. It's modern, works very well and you won't need to care unless you need to make substantive modifications to the site, in which case you'll probably be glad you chose it.
  6. Choose a Content Management System (CMS). Tip: Avoid Contentful like the plague. it only works on a paid, expensive, tariff and they're merciless about billing you for whole months up front. After trying many, we went with DatoCMS which is pretty straightforward, clean and the site can be deployed on their Free Tier.
  7. You'll get prompted to create a DatoCMS account and connect it. You'll also need to authorise Stackbit to connect to GitHub on your behalf.
  8. Choose a sensible site name and finish the wizard to deploy the site.
  9. You'll be prompted to create a Netlify account.

What happens next

  1. Stackbit creates code in your github account, which is where the site belongs (all the css and stuf - don't worry, you don't need to know how to code)
  2. Stackbit sets up your CMS for you.
  3. Your site gets automatically deployed to Netlify, which is what pushes it out on the internet.

Creating a custom domain

  1. Go into your netlify account (you sign up for one in the process of deploying the site with stackbit, there's a link in your stackbit dashboard) and click Settings > Domains - the instructions are all there. You can buy a domain through netlify and have it all set up straightforwardly for you.

How to edit

  1. Log into your new DatoCMS account and start making changes - begin with the home page and logo!! It's reasonably intuitive to add, change and reorder sections, but don't forget to Save as you go.
  2. Every time you Save a change to a page Stackbit will automatically build and redeply the site with the new content for you. It takes about 30s until your new content is live.

Now go forth and fight CV!